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Case Management

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There are several cases in an organization that needs to be tracked and managed in order to have a defined path of workflow. Accountri's case management feature helps you to create a case and track the footprints of the workflow including reminder notifications for a timely approach. This feature is most helpful to auditing firms that take up the case of several auditing's and handover the documents to several resources. Tracking of footprints & documents plays an important role in case management.

With Accountri's Case Management Feature, You Can:

Add the type of case categories.
Manage/Add the cases of your clients.
Mention the actual result & expected result in a case.
Manage resources involved in a case.
Add action items to the resources to remind about the to-do & event with the status
Add the checklist and give access to the client if required
Trace/Analyze the activity/footprints accordingly.