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Empower your resources with a tool that gets them more productive. Complete business management software that makes collaboration between different departments and delivers better accountability of resources.

Human Resoures Management Software

Human Resources

Manage all the functions of human resource starting from human resource planning to employee remuneration, benefits, appraisals and much more.

Manage Timesheet & Payroll

Simplified calculation of employee remuneration including benefits & deductions, while you exactly know the actual working hours spent by your employees with the help of our timesheet tool.

Timesheet & Payroll Management Software


A sales tool that manages all the sales process. Now you never miss out on an opportunity.

Project Management Software

Manage Projects

Manage everything starting from project planning to allocating tasks, completion status & much more.

Billing & Payments

Track Billing & Payments

A finance tool that tracks all the payments and receivables.

Generate Invoices

Quick and easy invoice generation.

Inovicing Software
To Do List

To-Do List

Easy enough to assign, manage and track tasks.


Manage GST, TDS & Challans.

Share & Secure Documents

Share & Secure Documents

A fully secured cloud storage.

Manage Assets

Manage Assets

Easy traceability of the assets allocated to your employees & resources.

Manage Clients

Manage Clients

Maintain better client relations while you manage all their requirements and track all the project deliverables on the go.

Manage Vendors

Maintain better vendor relations on the go.

vendor Management
Manage Policies

Manage Policies

Frame out and share your company policies.

Service Desk

Raise service tickets and track it to the resolution.

Services Desk
Talent Pool

Talent Pool

Manage all the talent resources gathered from different sources resulting in decreased hiring costs and resource availability.

Manage Cases

A law-based business tool that helps manage, track and assign cases on the go.

Manage Cases
Feedback Management Software

Feedback Management

Collect employee feedback.

Risk control

Risk Control

Control all your business risk factors on the go.


Generate and Share quotations on the go.

Business Anlaytics Reports

Generate Standard Reports

Your decision making will never go wrong. Get a bird view of all the departments, projects, finance & much more.

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