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Accountri helps businesses get more done with one simple tool, Empowering an organization

How can I purchase Accountri for my enterprise?
You can go with our Enterprise subscription plan (Billed annually) in which you get the first 5 users free, chargeable only from 6th user onwards.
What are the features that are included in the plan?
Startup (Free) plan has few usage limitations, but when you purchase an Enterprise subscription you get all platform features included in it.
Will you provide customized software?
We may not do customized software but, we will do our best to accommodate your needs into the software. That means we might add an additional feature based on your request at free of cost.
Can I use software for free before purchasing it?
Yes, you can always go with the Startup (Free) plan before turning your account into Enterprise plan. Guess what, the Startup plan combines with 5 users and lifetime validity :)
How many users can be added in maximum on Accountri?
There is no limit to the users you can add to your account. However, you can contact us in the case of bulk user requirements.
Can I purchase a single feature from Accountri?
No, package includes all features in it. However, a super admin user in your account can enable or disable a feature according to the user work role.
Is my data safe on Accountri? How can I be assured about the data security?
Your data is safe with 128-bit encryption and 99.9% uptime guarantee.
After purchasing an Enterprise subscription, do I need to change login credentials?
No, you can continue with the login credentials that were used to access the platform earlier.
Do you provide training on software usage?
Yes, we do. We would be more than happy to provide a personalized training session.
How can I submit a purchase order?
You can go through the pricing page in our website or can mail us your requirement on contact@accountri.com
Can I exchange or upgrade the plan, if I was in a Startup plan?
Yes, you can always upgrade yourself from Startup (Free) plan to Enterprise plan.
Can I get a refund after purchasing an order?
Yes, we back up your purchase with free cancellation & no questions asked policy.
What are the payment methods that are accepted?
We accept all Credit Card, Debit Card & Net Banking methods for payment.
What kind of support does Accountri offer after purchase?
We have a dedicated support team to help you with the queries and technical support. Please feel free to call us from 9 AM to 5 PM on working days and email us 24*7.
Do you include tax in the prices listed on the website?
All the subscription charges displayed on the website are inclusive of taxes.
What do you mean by a user in the Accountri platform?
A user is an employee added in the system with or without the login access. whereas a vendor/client is treated to be a user only if given login access.
How can I add a user to the Accountri dashboard?
You can add a user by adding an employee from the "Manage Resources" section in your dashboard. A vendor/client with login access is also considered to be a user.