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Accountri helps businesses get more done with one simple tool, Empowering an organization

An ultimate sales tool that will drive all your sales needs starting from the capturing of leads to tracking until the conversion. Add leads, contacts, opportunities and much more using the CRM module.



Create and maintain all your business contacts in one place.


Capture all your leads generated from different sources.



Create and maintain all the B2B leads.


Shift potential leads into opportunities.



Convert opportunities into a deal and track the closure.


Create sales teams.



Assign multiple team targets on the go.

To-Do Lists

Assign, remind & track your team tasks.


Schedule Meetings

You can now schedule meetings and assign it to the representative. Now you never miss out on meeting your potential lead.


Your Accountri CRM is now integrated with your favorite Google Calendar.


Geo Location Tagging

Track your on-field sales teams with Geo Location Tagging.

Lead Nurturing

Nurture all your potential leads using our bulk mailing feature.


Sales Analytics & Reports

Get real-time sales reports & analytics.

Buying Guide For CRM Software

1. What is CRM?
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a process of maintaining a relationship with business contacts, clients, customers, leads and all potentials.

In general terms, CRM is a tool that is used to maintain a better relationship with current and potential clients and contacts. In order to be specific, it provides intelligent recommendation and analytics which helps us to automate the process of maintaining & building a relationship with potential contacts. CRM also helps a business automate its sales and marketing efforts bridging the gap between the sales and marketing teams and help create better marketing campaigns with higher ROI.

CRM comes in play when the organization is at a growing curve and requires a system in place that can record all the interactions with the current and potentials clients. It helps the business to address the client with an intelligent room of client history to serve them with better customer experience.
2. What are the advantages of using CRM Software?
Here are a few of the advantages of using CRM Software:

> Maintain a better relationship with current & potential clients.

> Drive an intelligent customer support experience using previous interaction history.

> Helps the sales team to have a competitive approach towards closing more sales using CRM analytics.

> Generate more sales.

> Automate marketing and sales efforts.

> Measurable sales and marketing output.

> Assign sales targets.

> Helps identify marketing channels that are generating better ROI.
3. What are the features included in Accountri CRM Software?
Accountri CRM is a sales tool designed to drive a performance-based marketing and sales approach.

Here are the features included in Accountri CRM Software:

> Contacts

> Leads

> Organizations

> Opportunities

> Deals

> Sales Teams

> Sales Targets

> To-Do Lists

> Schedule Meetings

> Integration with Google Calendar

> Geo Location Tagging

> File Storage & Sharing

> Lead Nurturing

> Sales Reports & Analytics

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